HSP Direct’s creative staff brings together talented copywriters from diverse backgrounds who are enthusiastic about creating fundraising appeals as unique as our individual clients.  Using our words to tell your story and motivate donors to give today and in the future is at the heart of our mission.



At HSP Direct, we believe that the most motivating appeals are story-centered and original.  Every client is unique — and every appeal is unique.

We’ve invested in a large team of talented, award-winning direct mail fundraising writers who bring hands-on experience with political campaigns, nonprofits and cause-oriented organizations.  Equally important, our team shares your passion for your mission.



HSP Direct partners with candidates, organizations and causes that align with our core principles of conservatism, patriotism and freedom.

Our strategy has proven that this mutual pairing of passions equals superior results for our clients by motivating and recruiting loyal and life-long supporters.  We achieve this by blending the three main ingredients for successful fundraising – top-notch creative services, highest quality list choices, and most cost-effective practices.


HSP Direct – the right match for your candidate or cause?


HSP Direct has become one of the most effective and well-known conservative direct mail agencies in the country.


We believe our success comes from partnering with organizations and candidates that share our same values.  Fundraising isn’t simply a business for us, it’s a fulfillment of our core values.  When we have an opportunity to help organizations and candidates that are as committed to the beliefs and values we share, we are eager to do all we can to help.

HSP Direct’s award-winning fundraising appeals tell your story to the donors you want to reach.  HSP matches the talent and passion of a member of our large creative staff with each client to craft meaningful messages that motivate donors to act, and cultivates relationships that last a lifetime.